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Documentary on Nepal

A rather long video, but it shows a lot of what can be found in the country of Nepal.  I found this video very interesting because I myself just visited Kathmandu, Nepal last month.

A look at some of the problems that visitors have created for themselves while visiting the Southeast Asian paradise of Thailand.

Travel to Bali Indonesia.  A look at the night-life scene in Kuta Beach.

A visual look around the country of Cambodia.

New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations 2013

A video taking a look at Malaysia

Originally posted by Miss Chievous.  My Travel diary of my trip to East Indonesia, where I visited some very remote and rural places untouched by mass tourism. Lots of pictures in this too!

With so many things to offer, Vietnam is a truly beautiful country. There are many things to see and do, and no shortage of delicious treats to eat, whether at top restaurants or equally delicious street stalls for a couple of dollars. Eating and drinking on the street is very popular in Vietnam, and night markets offer a great window into the life of the city. If you have a chance, we highly recommend joining the crowds to eat on the street for an atmosphere and experience that cannot be match by a hotel restaurant.

A nice introduction to Korea prepared by the Korea Tourism Organization.