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A video taking a look at Malaysia

Documentary on Nepal

A rather long video, but it shows a lot of what can be found in the country of Nepal.  I found this video very interesting because I myself just visited Kathmandu, Nepal last month.

Originally posted by Miss Chievous.  My Travel diary of my trip to East Indonesia, where I visited some very remote and rural places untouched by mass tourism. Lots of pictures in this too!

Watch the experiences of two first time visitors to Japan.

New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations 2013

With so many things to offer, Vietnam is a truly beautiful country. There are many things to see and do, and no shortage of delicious treats to eat, whether at top restaurants or equally delicious street stalls for a couple of dollars. Eating and drinking on the street is very popular in Vietnam, and night markets offer a great window into the life of the city. If you have a chance, we highly recommend joining the crowds to eat on the street for an atmosphere and experience that cannot be match by a hotel restaurant.

A visual look around the country of Cambodia.

A look at some of the problems that visitors have created for themselves while visiting the Southeast Asian paradise of Thailand.

Looking forward to your first trip to Taiwan? Watch Lianne as she gives you a some useful tips, such as how to avoid mosquito attacks, where to withdraw money, how to find your destinations more easily, and what to carry with you at all times.