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Discover Asia Introduction

Welcome to our site, Discover Asia org.  We have many years living in and traveling around Asia.  With all of this experience, it seemed like it was time to share some of the information acquired as well as some of the thousands of photos taken over the years.

This is and will continue to be an on-going project.  Much of what we have to share will be published here as very informative articles on the following countries:

Cambodia                 Malaysia

China                        Myanmar (Burma)

Hong Kong                Philippines

Indonesia                 Singapore

Japan                        Taiwan

Korea                        Thailand

Laos                          Vietnam

Don’t see what you’re looking yet or have questions about one of our articles?  You can Contact Us any time with your questions, comments, or special requests.  Also, you can check out our About page to learn more about us and what we’ve done that has brought us to and continues to bring us to Asia.

Thailand & Vietnam Articles

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Articles Discussing Thailand and Vietnam

We added a couple more articles that should prove very interesting.  You can read them at Discover Thailand or Discover Vietnam.



New Taiwan Article

Check our new article added where we take a look at the many things to do and see during your visit to Taiwan.  Read the article by clicking Discover Taiwan.

Laos Article

LaosToday we have published an article taking a look at Laos.  We explore the many sights and things to do when visiting this Southeast Asian country of Laos.  To read the article, click on Laos.

Japan Article

JapanJust posted, an article about Japan.  In this article, you can read about some of the many things to see and do in Japan.  To read the article, click on Japan.

Indonesia Article

Indonesia Information

Article on Indonesia Published

Indonesia is the next article we published in our continuing series of informative articles discussing various countries in Asia.  Click on Indonesia to read the entire article.

China Article

Map of Asia

New Article on China

We’ve published this new article taking a look at some of the things to do and see during a visit to China.  To read this new article, just click on China.

Cambodia Article


New Article on Cambodia

We’ve published a new article which takes a look at some of the things to see and do when visiting the country of Cambodia.  To read the full article, click Cambodia.

Burma Article


Burma, Also Known A Myanmar

In this article we take a look at some of the things that can be found when visiting the country of Myanmar – formerly known as Burma.  To read the full article, simply click on Burma.