Discover Hong Kong


Discovering Hong Kong at Its Finest

It is not hard when traveling towards Hong Kong.  First of all, there are attractive Hong Kong travel package tours offered by most travel agencies anywhere you may be around the world.  Second, one of the official languages used in Hong Kong is English.  English is used for most formal communication and is preferred written than spoken.  This breaks down the communication barrier that most tourists fear when they travel abroad.  All signs including government are bilingual: English and Chinese.  Hong Kong literally translates to fragrant harbor since it was famous in the past for exporting fragrant incense.

Who can resist Hong Kong’s Disneyland?  The park opens from 10AM till 9PM.  You can view their official website and look for the latest activities and advisories through  Why not have a breakfast at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant and have your photo taken with Disney characters that drop by from time to time.  Besides the rides that make the theme park famous, there are other ways to be entertained like watching scheduled performance in the Disney’s Story Book theater.  Although the characters speak in Cantonese there are sub-titles projected on the screen for the benefit of those who don’t speak this language.

Watch out for the Disney Parade which usually happens at 3:30PM.  It is suggested to get the best view of the parade it would be better to be there at least 15 minutes before it starts.  To cap off this visit why not that Hong Kong Disneyland avail of the VIP accesses to the Star Fireworks Dinner packages offers?  You can enjoy watching the fireworks without the need to squeeze in with the rest of the visitors.  Best of all you can have the full view of the fireworks right in front of you.  This will surely work out your appetite for the Cantonese inspired dishes that the restaurant cooks up such as scallops and abalone or Dim Sum.

Hong Kong has their Noah’s Ark which is not made of timber but steel.  It was built to closely resemble the original Biblical ark.  Capture the 67 various life like animal sculptures at ArkGarden.  For those who are adventures and who like to get rough you can always try taking the High Adventure Journey rope course challenges at Adventureland.  Experience the 4D multimedia adventure at the Ark Expo.  You can also dine and shop at the stylish Harvest Restaurant.  The Ark also offers some good food choices for those who are traveling on a budget.  For those who would love to visit Noah’s Ark it opens from 10AM till 6PM.

One of Hong Kong’s famous attractions can be viewed while taking a cable car ride suspended over the China Sea.  For just a minimum amount you get to choose between a Standard Round Trip tickets through the cable car or spend a little more and take the cable car private ride via the Crystal Cabin.  Ngong Ping 360 includes taking a trip to view a themed village below.  Be entertained by various street performances as you stroll along the village.  Some of the shows include Chinese acrobats.  When you arrived at the top, you can watch the multimedia presentation about the fascinating life of the man who became Buddha.

Hong Kong may be a small island but it also boasts of Victoria Peak Tram.  For those who have made the trip they claim that the view is spectacular.  The view covers all of Hong Kong and even across much of Kowloon.  Thanks to the tram ride there is no need to take the steep climb up and down.  Visit the place during a less cloudy day to see the view in its entire splendor.

For those who like to gamble a little and experience what it’s like to do so in Hong Kong why not head towards Happy Valley Racecourse.  Before it become one of the famous horse racing venues for locals and tourist it was a swampland.  This racecourse can cater to 55,000 people who would love to watch the horses’ race and bet on them if they want to.  Tourists who love horse racing may inquire about places to stay near the race track.

Since Hong Kong offers a lot of reasons for foodies to rejoice, try to visit the best restaurants in and around Hong Kong.  Right in the heart of the Central district sits Kau Kee famous for its Cantonese dishes.  The restaurant mainly caters to locals since they sell cheap noodles and rice dishes.  The interiors might not be classy but it compensates for the dishes that it serves once you dig in their barbecue pork or beef with rice dishes.  For those who love Dim Sum they can always head towards Tim Ho Wan.  It became famous when it hit the headlines as the place to be when it comes to all things Dim Sum.

For bird lovers, visit Mai Po Marshes.  Even World Wife Fund recognizes this place as a nature reserve facility, housing about 90,000 different migratory birds.  This six kilometer land is home not just to birds but to different kinds of reptiles and insects.  It houses about 380 bird species, 35 of which are part of the global conservation concern due to their dwindling numbers such as Saunder’s Gull and Black-Faced Spoonbill.  Bird lovers from around the world have visited the facility armed with binoculars and cameras.

During the daytime Temple Street market might look unassuming but it comes to life during night time.  It becomes one of the busiest flea markets in this city.  Visit the southern part of the market particularly in Yau Ma Tei and Jordan.  Wait till dusk to see when illuminated stalls that sell everything from clothing to gadgets are erected within a few minutes.  All of this at bargain prices.  Still you can haggle to bring down the price a few notches.  After spending that busy time shopping take a snack in the food stalls while sitting on wooden stools.  Hong Kong is also famous for its night scene.  Join in the party and dance to the beat.  There is so much that Hong Kong has to offer that you might find yourself going back again for a different experience.