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Discover The Ever Changing Faces of Singapore

Most tourist flock towards the Orchard Road because of such familiar brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel and other couture brands but there are other things to see when in Singapore.  Marina Bay Sands is set to open on June 23, 2013. Foreigners can enter its premises for free but after spending some cash in the casinos take a break with a boat ride. This is actually a sampan ride which takes a visitor into a mini cruise down the canal of Shops Marina Bay Sands. Restaurants like those opened by famous celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck are open for those who have money to spend.

Universal Studios Singapore is the first theme park of this country that features rides and attractions that are guaranteed to give any visitor thrills and excitement. A day spend on this theme park is not enough to totally enjoy what it has to offer. This is true for visitors who have kids with them. Adult ticket prices are $74, child $54 and senior $36 for one day pass. For two day pass tickets, adults are charge $118, child $88 and senior $58. Once this fee is paid all rides to the park comes for free.

Some people might find it weird but taking night safari is one cool idea. The Night Safari offers one of the world’s first wildlife parks for nocturnal animals. The park covers 40 hectares and is home for 1,040 animals coming from 120 different species. Some of these animals belong to the endangered species.  The park is accessible by foot, trails or tram. Admission fees are $35 for adults, senior $17.50 and $23 for child from 12 years old and below. This is Singapore’s favorite nightspot. Animals living here are separated from visitors with the use of natural barriers hence they are not caged like those other animals that live in zoos.

Marina Barrage is Singapore’s 15th water reservoir. It is accessible by taxi or bus. The bus leaves at 7am. Every 15 to 20 minutes another one of these buses leaves for the dam. It is a night place for a quick picnic. There is nothing much to see on this dam but going there for a trip can be a good educational experience. Over 1,000 orchid species and 2,000 hybrids can now be found in the National Orchid Garden of Singapore. Admission fee is $5 for adults and is free for kids below 12 years old.

The world’s largest observation wheel is definitely the Singapore Flyer. It stands 165 meters above the ground and is compared to the height of a 42 storey building. $240 million was spent in constructing this breathtaking view of Singapore. As the wheel turns a visitor can get a view of the different landmarks in Singapore. Prepare to pay $79 which can accommodate two adults. Clarke Quay hosts a wide range of night life activities when the sun goes down. It is a popular spot for tourist and locals alike. The taxi queue is long but there are always plenty of cabs to catch a ride.

For people who like to stay up during the night partying starts at St. James Power Station. There are 9 clubs under one roof. Guests are given a range of choices on which club to spend their night in. Live music and foreign acts share the stage. From a business setup when the sun goes down Singapore transforms like a chameleon. Busy executives loosen up their ties and the ladies kick their dancing shoes. It is in Altitude Bar where the highest al fresco rooftop bar in Asia is located.

Hands on cooking or Food Playground is offered for visitors. They offer cultural cooking class and nutritional cooking class. According to food lovers one of the best ways of knowing about a culture is to experience its food. For someone who hates cooking he can be surprise on just how fantastic this experience can be. The cultural experience cooking is a different story since it offers a different menu for each day which adds more to the excitement that a person feels when learning to cook new kinds of dishes Singapore style.

Flight Experience Singapore offers the first real flight simulator to the public. This is the first of its kind in Asia. They offer helpful flight instructions. For beginners this can be a fun and tiring activity all rolled into one. The graphics are great since the guest will serve as the pilot and the experts will serve as the co-pilots. Have the chance to be a pilot for the day. They charge $140 for 30 minutes flight. This is a small price to pay to have the chance to fly like this.

For those who love golf they can head to Urban Fairways. This is an indoor golf club that offers excellent food. The environment is a great for beginners. The layout is non- threatening and is especially a good place even for the ladies to learn about golf. For golf lovers who likes to practice during the week end without the hassle of lugging with heavy clubs behind. Gardens by The Bay are another place to spend a good time in. About 101 hectares of reclaimed land this park stands adjacent to the Marina reservoir. This is the government’s quest to enhance flora and fauna awareness in this city.

Have the chance to ride a Lamborghini or Ferrari. This takes the visitor to another level of experience that takes the rider beyond arcade riding games. Choose from adrenaline pumping routes and cruise along in fully automatic mode. For those who want more challenges use the F1 style paddle gearbox. Drivers can team up with each other to compete with other drivers. Take a pick from the Street Circuit Tour and pay $198. Street to Freeway Tour is $317 while Ultimate Tour is $515. These rides cover 15 minutes of ride to the car of choice. This adrenaline ride is the same feeling that a traveler will experience when he spends time in Singapore.